Mural on Main

Mural on Main, exterior latex, spray paint and stencils, 96 (w) x 14’ (h), 933 E. Main Street, Columbus, Ohio, 2013

Mural on Main represents the residents’ creative vision of their neighborhood. It is composed of three layers: the bottom layer being the vibrant colors and rhythmic quality of the abstract expressive style by Michael J. Halliday, followed by the meaningful words representing the values that the community aspires, and superimposed by the photographic images spray painted by stencil artist Joss Parker.  The sum of these layers is to convey the ideas of energy and bright future for the neighborhood and its younger generations. With images of the children, who are participants of the afterschool programs that housed inside the building, the mural adds specificity to the artwork.

Funding is provided by Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board of Franklin County.