Playing Through

Painted street piano commissioned for President’s Cup, Dublin, Ohio, Art in Public Places, 2013

Playing Through is functional, upright piano and bench, enhanced with golf-inspired mural, created in conjunction of the President’s Cup held in Dublin, Ohio, in the fall of 2013. The public artwork is placed at various community gathering places and events to encourage spontaneous interaction.

The design takes the cue from a golf ball and the dimples on its surface. Multiplying hundreds of golf balls, the design creates a circle field and web-like pattern that looks seemingly repetitive yet with rhythm, like musical notes. The cirlces also convey a sense of pop art that is whimsical and fun to look at. The fountain blue stain in the background reveals the beautiful wood grains of the piano ad gives a sense of lightness that plays off the bulkiness of the musical instrument. The color also lends itself to the idea of water, alluding to the Scioto River in Dublin, the natural feature that many community members identify as the life force of the city.