Dreaming Big

Entry for Columbus public art bike rack competition, Galvanized metal, 10’ ¾” (w) x 6’8” (d) x 6’10” (h), Columbus, Ohio

Like a child wanting to grow taller, a trike always wants to be bigger. This design plays off this idea by enlarging a kid-size trike. It pays homage to the tradition of pop art- giving the attention to the mundane, daily life objects, and it functions as a bike rack. Powdered-coated metals will be used for its durability and low maintenance. The structure of the enlarged trike can accommodate parking for at least 4 bikes. Seating and planters are also incorporated to make the design multifunctional as street furniture. Space is available for signage for names of different locations.


Entry for Columbus public art bike rack competition, Galvanized metal, 10’ 3” (w) x 9’9” (d) x 4’ 3” (h), Columbus, Ohio

Glasses make clearer visions. An enlarged pair of glasses inspires the community to see the present and imagine the future. This design can easily accommodate 4 or more bikes to park. It also creates interesting in-between spaces for people to interact with. A seemingly unrelated object to the activity of biking, the eyeglasses is an surprising object to beco me an artwork. It is whimsical, playful and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. It can be made of powered-coated metals, easy to clean.  The arms of the glasses provide flat surface for signage.